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The Wesley Hall Sofas, Settees and Sectionals Furniture Gallery
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L7053-55 A settee L8006-88 sofa L8014-84 sofa
L8022-90 sofa L8038-80 sofa L8040-82 sofa
L8042-86 sofa L8052-86 sofa L8054-84 sofa
L8058-81 sofa L8060-79 sofa L8074-82 sofa
L8078-52 settee L8090-84 sofa L8096-77sofa
L8098-55 settee L8104-81 sofa L8106-82 sofa
L8110-80 sofa L8112-82 sofa L8124-88 sofa
L8126-105 sofa L8128-74 sofa L8128-84 sofa
L8130-107 sofa L8132-85 sofa L8134-85 sofa
L8138-65 settee L8142-61 settee L8142-86 sofa
L8152-80 sofa L8154-80 sofa L8156-80 sofa
L8068 Sectional L8082-Sectional  
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